Self-Directed Learning Community roots

Roots in our Self-Directed community

green moss on tree root

We have a solid foundation

of Self-direction

We focus on 3


WyldFlower Learning Community is a non-traditional private school serving students K-12th grade located in Sheridan Wyoming. We have a foundation of self-governance and self-directed learning. WyldFlower values creative thinkers and curious go-getters. At WyldFlower, we also deeply value democracy and civic participation. By creating a space in which democracy lives, wonder grows unhindered, and independence blossoms- children’s natural response is to thrive, reach, and grow. 

Humans are wired to develop knowledge, skills, and intelligence. They consistently find unique ways of being and doing. Immersed in opportunities and challenges of the real world, scaled-down, children naturally develop into informed, active adults committed to making their community, and the world, a better place to live.

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5 Myths about Self-directed learning: Debunked!

Self-Directed learning and education are NOT a few things we need to cover. 

If you want to learn more about what Self-Directed learning IS, please check out the blog post linked here!

If you’re still here, I’ll assume you know what Self-Directed learning is and we are ready to chat about what it isn’t!

Here are 5 Myths about Self-Directed learning/education: in no particular order of importance or frequency.

  • Myth: “Isn’t it just a big free-for-all?” 
  • Myth: “Kids from a place like this won’t be ready for the ‘real’ world.”
  • Myth: “Kids from a place like this ‘fall behind’ on content.”
  • Myth: “This is just a trend, it won’t last.”
  • Myth: “If Kids aren’t forced to go to class, they will just play all day.”

Let’s chat about these 5 today and another 5 next time!

Please feel free to reach out and ask us about any you have heard of! We’ll happily debunk those too.

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