Ellen Goode

Ellen Goode is originally from Bremerton, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.  She has a deep love and connection to the natural world that she enjoys sharing with children.  This summer, Ellen attended an educator’s training put on by the Wyoming Game and Fish to become better equipped to handle the Project Wild curriculum and facilitate outdoor education more effectively.

Ellen has been busy the past 18 years raising independent, compassionate, world changers.  Four in total. She has a foundation in psychology and originally planned to pursue a career in adolescent psychology and play therapy.  After taking a support staff position at Woodland Park Elementary here in Sheridan, and being offered the chance to coordinate and design the after school program there, she fell in love with education.  She has been working at Woodland Park ever since, five years in total. She has led classes in many subjects in the after school program she designed (1st-5th grade) and Art for the past two years with Kindergartners.  She has also lead in Yoga/meditation sessions during the block rotation as well. She completed licensure requirements to become an Art teacher this past spring and conducted her student teaching in District 2. Ellen has worked closely with the School Garden project that began two years ago in the after school program at Woodland Park (supported by Rooted in Wyoming.)  She will bring valuable connections and knowledge with her to WyldFlower. 

She comes from a family of educators and has developed a lifelong passion for learning herself. This is an asset to our school as she models this love with everyone around her. Ellen makes deep connections with her students and fosters a space that allows them to breathe deeply and explore, with support, as they develop confidence within themselves. She believes every student has strengths and value. She works tirelessly at helping them recognize those in themselves. 

Paul Burgess

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Paul was looking for a deeper education that his formal training couldn’t give him.  This led him to moving to Hawaii. His profession as an educator started as a substitute teacher and coach, working with age levels from 5 to 18. Opportunities arose providing Paul a permanent position as a 5th grade teacher.  During this time a real passion for working with children and understanding the process of child development and learning took hold. His deep love of his craft and ability to build relationships created a chance for Paul to lead the way in starting an elementary boys’ school, St. Andrew’s Prep (a school that continues to provide an all-boys experience for families).  Through this process, a great deal of learning and training took place. Paul began to see what was missing in school culture and how this negatively impacted children. He and a small team created a dynamic learning environment where boys not only succeeded in traditional definitions of achievement, but also found a rare environment where they truly enjoyed school and learning.  For four years he led in growing and adapting a learning environment that allowed for whole child development and a love of learning.

In 2018 he and his family moved back to the Sheridan area where he was raised.  Looking to bring to Wyoming what he learned over ten years in Hawaii, Paul is happy to be a part of the WyldFlower Learning Community where he looks to continue to learn, grow, and contribute.