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Well, hello there!

Wondering if there might be a different way to approach “school”?

Do you have a child with an immense spirit and love of play?

Well, I am so glad you stopped by!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ellen Goode. I am the mother of 4 amazing human beings who have gifted their mother with plenty of gray hair and a brand new outlook on the world. Can you relate? Three of them are playing hide-&-go seek right now. You would assume it a quiet game, but for some reason “it” just keeps shouting the names of the others repeatedly. On second thought, it’s more like shrieking. Yes, shrieking is a far more accurate term. Pardon me while I barricade myself in the bathroom and turn on the fan for covert coverage! Am I alone in this practice…just me?

Ok, where was I. . . . .

Oh yes, I love them, right! Parenting is the gift of a mixed variety. Like a mariachi band approaching your table. It makes my heart hurt from the fullness and my head hurt from the noise. You love them more when they are asleep. Admit it.

You think you couldn’t possibly love them more, and then you find them snuggled up, safe and sound, as you put the house to bed for the night and you find you just do. Love increasing, chaos increasing (in equal measure)…or is that just me too?

Well, now that you know I am a mother of a herd, let me also bring to your attention my LOVE of education. I am a licensed Art teacher here in Sheridan. I adore the organic, messy, self-discovery type of learning. Those moments of sheer perfection, when you see the actual acquisition of knowledge wash over a set of wide eyes and beaming smile. I live for those. When they make it work, or get it to fit, or understand something more deeply. I love it. I want to share those! I want to encourage those! I want to facilitate an environment rich with these moments!!!! I have been blessed to be a witness to this in my art room these past few years. Now, I look forward to expanding those opportunities in abundance at WyldFlower Learning Community!

It is the dream of Paul and I, WyldFlower’s co-founding super-duo. We are ecstatic you are here checking us out! We hope you fill out the parent survey before you finish looking around the site. It will help us get to know you better!

We look forward to sharing our journey here as we trudge through these interesting times! On this blog, I will be sharing our adventures, face plants, and triumphs! Come along and laugh while we sow seeds into the future of Sheridan, the future of our families, and the future of learning together.

You are not alone and you don’t have to walk by yourself.

We are about community here.

Ellen & the hubs (aka Cody)

Build with us, won’t you?

It promises to be the ride of a lifetime!

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